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Dima is waiting patiently for his master to finish a conversation with a business associate. Sometimes the master lets his young houseboy to wait like this for hours. In these moments the boy needs all his strength to keep the position, remaining attentive, yet unintrusive, submissive, yet strong. In about an hour or so the sweat starts to form a little ponds in the landscape of his muscular back. The sweat will then start to drip across his neck, to the floor. The master, enjoying the sight, hardly takes the notice of the boy’s suffering and continues to mind his own business. After two hours of waiting, the floor is soaking with sweat. Suddenly, the master takes a notice of his houseboy. As the first thing, the boy is told to clean the floor meticulously. As the boy is trying as hard as he can, he forgets to display his cock properly while working. The next order: he is told to bring the cane…